A pioneer in hip resurfacing implants, BHR offers younger, active male patients an alternative to total hip replacement. It preserves more of your original bone, allowing you to regain your active lifestyle.1,2

What is a BHR?

Like a total hip replacement, the BHR implant is intended to help relieve your hip pain and get you moving again. Of course, what makes BHR exciting isn't how it's like a total hip. For that, we have to look at how it's different.

The biggest difference between a total hip implant and a BHR is easy to see – the BHR implant removes less of your hip's bone structure than a total hip replacement. This is important because any changes to this structure can have an impact on things like your leg length after surgery.

Another difference involves the size of the hip head used. The BHR implant is much larger and more closely matches the size of your natural hip head than the smaller hip head used in most hip replacements. This larger size helps offer more stability to your new joint and reduces your risk of dislocation after surgery.3

Finally, if your BHR should need to be revised later down the road, your surgeon is able to put in a primary total hip implant. By comparison, patients who start with a primary total hip replacement face a revision surgery that is potentially more complicated and that may require removing the first hip stem and replacing it with a larger implant.

Is a BHR right for me?

  • BHR is intended for active males under the age of 60, suffering from hip arthritis, hip dysplasia or avascular necrosis of the hip. The implant can be used in men over 60 whose bone quality is strong enough to support the implant. Your surgeon will make the determination if you're a candidate for hip resurfacing.
  • Females should not be implanted with the BHR.




Check labels?

Read ingredients?

Know what goes in your body - and your knee or hip implant.

What we put in our bodies is incredibly important. That's why so many of us are reading labels on the foods we eat, and demanding to know what's in the water we drink.

But what about with knee or hip implants? Shouldn't we know what’s in them as well?

That’s why we want you to know about OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium, the award-winning implant material available only from Smith+Nephew.1 We developed this material more than 20 years ago with a clear goal: to provide patients with long-lasting implants made with a biocompatible material.

The result? OXINIUM implants, which have now been studied and used by doctors around the world,2-6 and with excellent outcomes like these:

OXINIUM Implants for Knees

OXINIUM knee implants provide proven durability to patients, having been wear tested to 9 times the industry minimum standard. That’s estimated to be 30 years of simulated wear,* meaning you can trust the longevity of your OXINIUM knee implant.7

OXINIUM Implants for Hips

Patients who receive OXINIUM hip implants are more likely to be satisfied with their hip replacement after 6 months2-4 and less likely to need a revision after 17 years than patients who receive non-OXINIUM hip implants.5

We know that having joint replacement surgery is a big decision. So is selecting the best implant for your body. We want to help you choose carefully, and hopefully, only once – so that the implant you choose can go the distance with you.


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